Earn Surfing

Initially comment on the sites AutoSurf / ManualSurf then talk about other ways to receive money only with the computer connected to the internet.

Here the goal is to see the sites of other members and earn credits in your account, the more credits you have more members will see your site / blog or you can exchange credits for cash. In AutoSurf you need not do anything, open the page to visit the sites and everything works automatically, you need not stay to click to see the sites, they will move automatically. On these sites I'd recommend leaving your computer on all night, if you can leave 24 hours even better and so you'll have enough credits in your account.  The intent here is to earn credits, then the more the merrier.  On sites ManualSurf the only difference is that you must always be to click to see the sites and can become tiresome and boring but also has advantages, all members are viewing sites and can be any member is interested in your blog or site and thus can not earn credits but only readers to the site / blog and some of these for example.

I recommend you use the browser Firefox with the extension NoScript when using AutoSurf sites for safety and to prevent malicious scripts stop its navigation.


1 - Mygpt -recommended to also install the extension mygpt autosurf who manages their credit, save your login, it starts automatically and does not interrupt navigation.

  • free autosurf service
  • 0.85 credits for each site visited
  • 15 sec timer
  • 3 levels of referrals
  • cash payment
  • US$ 5 for 50000 credits by Paypal 



1 - EasyHits4u -  After making the login to the site you will click "Start Surfing" to get maualsurf.  The second step is the validation of codes.  There are two types of validation. The first is choosing the right word and the second is making a simple calculation of addition and subtraction.  You will repeat this process at all sites to surf.  You may register their Web sites to use the credits earned.  The process is quite simple.  Click on "My Sites".  Locate the "Add a new site and put the address of your site" URL.  In "Title" you will set the title to differentiate it from others.  The "Description" will be the site description in a few palavras.Fill in the boxes above then click "submit site" to confirm the registration of the site.
  • 1:1 Traffic Exchange
  • 20 seconds timer 
  • 5 levels of referrals (10% -5% -3% -2% -1%)
  • US$ 0.30 for 1000 sites viewed
  • 50 free credits to sign up and see 50 sites
  • Promote your site with unlimited banners
  • US$ 3 minimum payment with Paypal or Alertpay


Now other methods of receiving money only with the computer connected to the internet.

1 - GomezPeer

GOMEZPEER is a project that aims to bring together a large number of computers connected to the network automatically performing tests of performance and navigability of websites, through a small software installed on each one, which sends the results to the company, serving to better processing of data received globally. For this service, users active in the program GomezPeer are remunerated with a sum that can reach US$ 45 per month, reached by both time online as per referrals. Payment by Paypal.



Tip: To maximize your profit while you sleep, my suggestion is  embarking upon all Autosurf and start Gomezpeer.  As its net profit will be the difference of revenue less energy electrical and depreciation of the computer, you should turn the monitor off early in the procedure, so its power consumption is reduced dramatically.
  Tip: Use the Firefox portable , so you have the flexibility to record it on your flash drive and take it to a friend's house, lan-house, college, college, work or travel.